Manage your files easily with tags

A file management task never was easy. From the very beginning of modern computer era to nowadays many developers had being trying to make it more user friendly. The conception of “files”, mirrored from the real life to computer interfaces, has shown to be not very convenient in everyday work. Every file manager represents the information on your computer as a hierarchy of files and folders. This is OK, unless you need to find something particular in this branchy tree of documents. And the task becomes almost impossible if you don’t remember the name of your file.

Tags4Files is a new step in file management. Not being a file manager itself, it simply creates a set of tags associated with every file or folder on your computer. These tags are simple, easy to memorize labels, such as: presentation, vacation, photo, April and so on. Tags can be merged into categories then. What does this capability give? The answer is simple: it completely resolves the problem stated above. You can forget the name of a file, but you never forget what you are looking for. So if you’re looking for a Word document that contains a monthly report for, say, SuperMart vendor, your tags are: word, report, supermart. Tags4Files instantly filters the unnecessary items and presents to your eyes all documents associated with those tags.

That sounds crazy, but with this product you can manage your files even without knowing what their real path is. Tags4Files allows you to create a virtual folder tree, grouped by tags, regardless of their actual location. And it is you who set the rules for this hierarchy, so you can organize your documents the way you want: by product, by year, by place shown on the photo, by author and many more and even all of these at once.

Old habits die hard, but it is time to look at more easy ways of file management. Tags4Files offers exactly such way.

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