Find your files in a few seconds

One of the most sensible features of the web is its tag technology. Whether you’re reading a blog, or a forum – at any time you can access the tags (simple text labels) to filter the content the way you need. A single click and you cut off all unnecessary themes and topics and focus on what is really important for you at the moment.

Have you ever wondered why the tag functionality had never been implemented on your local computer? It’s always been a problem for me to find some particular files on my computer. I constantly forget their names, the folder where they were saved and so on. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I always dreamed about the way to tag a file just like I do on the Web. Imagine: you tag a file with some common sense descriptive words like "presentation" or "holiday", or "photo", or "2010" and so on. Then, whenever you need to find those files, you simply select the desired file tags with the mouse and – voila! – they are right before you in a second.

Instead of searching through the deep folder hierarchy, you simply assign labels, that is - tags to files and search through them. Note that you can’t forget those tags, because you may forget file’s name, the folder, but you never forget what you’re looking for – this is in your mind already.

Moreover, the file tag functionality allows you to easily organize your documents in virtual folders regardless of their actual location. With Tags4Files you can easily forget about tedious search through the files by their name. You even don’t have to remember that name anymore!

Tag your files, search through them with a few clicks, organize your tags into categories, and group your files into nice virtual folders – all this insane functionality for as low as $29

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