Edit tags and categories

This window may be Tag editor or step 3 of file adding Wizard:

Edit tags and categories

Here you can edit the existing and the newly created tags and categories.

  • To create a new category for a group of tags, type its name to the textbox at the left of the New category button and click this button
  • Move the tags you need into this category dragging them with mouse from other categories at the left part of the window
  • If you need, you can create new tags as well. Type the name of a tag to the textbox at the left of the New tag button and click this button. Note: a category must be selected first in the left part of the window. The tag is added to this category
  • You can rename tags and categories. Select them in the left part of the window and type the new name at the left of the Rename button. Click this button to confirm the rename. Also, you can rename the items directly at the left-side list
  • To remove unnecessary tags and categories, select them in the list and click the Delete button

Notice: categories enclosed in braces are special categories, and cannot be deleted, created or renamed

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