Edit file tags

This window may be File tags editor or step 4 of file adding Wizard:

Edit file tags

Here, the left part of the window shows files you have selected earlier. The right part of the window shows all tags (existing, created or edited) grouped into categories.

Tags that correspond to a file name and a full path are assigned to added files automatically. For instance, if the name of a file is New presentation.ppt, the tags presentation and ppt are automatically assigned to this file (if you have confirmed the creation of these tags earlier in the Wizard).

Check and specify which tags should be assigned to files. To do this, select a file or a folder in the left part of the window. The tags and the categories assigned to that file or folder are checked in the right-side list. You can clear or set these flags.

  • If you set the flag near the name of a category, all its tags are assigned to the selected file
  • If a folder is selected, tags are associated with all its files and sub-folders
  • If a folder is selected, and the flag near the tag name is shown grey, this means some files in that folder are assigned with this tag, while others are not

To finish adding files and editing tags, click the Finish button.

The Wizard closes and all changes are displayed in the main window of the program.